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 Friday May 6th @9AM CET 

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Building DevOps Change Platforms with Vipps & Visma

Discover how developer teams at Visma measure their DORA metrics. And how do DevOps teams at Vipps deliver lightning fast changes in a regulated space? Join us to find out. 


Join Change Against The Machine's first event on Building DevOps Change Platforms

In our first Change Against The Machine webinar, Mike (Host) will lead discussion in an informal Q&A format. Our guests are Alexander Lystad, Director of Cloud and Engineering at Visma, and Ørjan Lillevik, Tech Lead of DevOps Experience at Vipps. They will be dicussing..

  1. the DevOps journey in the respective organizations, 

  2. the platforms they have built to manage changes

  3. how they measure success metrics and trace change compliance

  4. the lessons they’ve learnt from taking on such crucial projects in such large organizations


Friday May 6th





1.5 hours chat

with Q&A session

Mike Long 


Previously CTO at Praqma, an IT consultancy specializing in DevOps and Continuous Delivery, now part of Eficode. Mike now enjoys startup life at Merkely

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Ørjan Lillevik.jpeg
Ørjan Lillevik


 Tech Lead of DevOps 

 Experience at Vipps 

An experienced solution architect, Ørjan has contributed to the creation of Propelo, Vipps’ change platform for DevOps

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Alexander Lystad


 Director of Cloud and 

 Engineering at Visma 

Previously a QA and Cloud Architect, Alexander now helps Visma companies adopt Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices

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About the speakers


Are you ready for change?

Change Against the Machine talks are friendly, open, and safe. Our goal is to share insights on how to succeed with DevOps in regulated industries.

DevOps has been around for over 10 years, but we're still in the early stages of adoption when it comes to regulated organizations. Let's work together to change that. 

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