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A community for people who care about how software systems change

A community for software developers who do their work on Hard Mode. We are DevOps and Cloud Native change makers in regulated industries, embedded

worlds, and legacy organisations.


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Building DevOps Change Platforms with Vipps & Visma 

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Where knowledge
meets experience

We aim to build strong technology cultures around knowledge sharing and discussions. The software we deliver - and the way we deliver it - is important and should benefit of all of us. 

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 For you 

Do you see the need for change?

We bring together forward thinkers and change-makers in today's tech organisations. This is a place to share ideas on how to implement technological and cultural change where it really matters. If you want to see that in your org this is the place for you. 


CATM comes at you fast and in three ways


Laid back interviews with thought leaders and pioneers doing DevOps in tight spots


Bringing you closer to the story with industry conversations and Q&A sessions


Events are coming.

Stay tuned.

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Be part of the CATM universe

Do you have a story you'd like to share with the CATM universe? Or maybe you're curious to find out more about this project?

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